Composed of permethrine, (without endosolphide, lindane, ddt)
Medical Surgical Device N° 18719

XiRein is particularly effective against xilophagous insects such as:
woodworm (Anobium Punctatum), Capricorn (Hylotrupes bajulus), lyctus (Lyctus bruneus), wood wasp (sirex, gigas) etc.

XiRein antiwood-worm has finally solved the problem of the applicator.
XiRein is not only an effective anti wood-worm, not harmful to man, using permethrine as an active ingredient (Xirein does not contain endosolphide, lindane or DDT) but it is also a good solvent (common anti wood-worms normally use a final consumer).
The solvent of Xirein allows the diffusion of the active principle in an optimal way in order to have an effective penetration in the wood (Xirein can penetrate more than 50 cm the wood by virtue of capillarity), not harmful to man (it does not contain toxic substances, included in the American Conf. Govern. Industrial Hygienist recognised by the Italian Hygenist Association). It does not contain harmful compounds in accordance with the Ministerial decree (3.12.1985). It is odourless, colourless, it does not alter fabric or paper coverings.

Futhermore, XiRein
- avoids subsequent infestations
- protects wood against batteria, fungi, sea weed
- helps the wood to stabilise, reducing humidity absorption and shrinking due to dry weather
- is effective against termites, moths, bugs, common bee and many other ground insects
- treated wood can be repainted
- does not undergo degradation when exposed to sunlight
- does not corrode metals

- conforms to 21-CFR-178.3910 from the FDA (Food and dug Administration U.S.A.) for wood preservatives and to the European Standard UNI EN n 22 for larva control and UNI EN n.46 for larva prevention.

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