Low pressure heating board

Low pressure heating board

In order to meet restoration operators' requirements, our company has designed and put into being versatile equipment for lining work and small changes on old and recent paintings. It is a new system integrating two different advanced techniques, tested over the years: that of low pressure board and that of the heating board.

Mod. Base Art. 80215 e Mod. Maxi Art. 80217

- External dimensions: 1600x2800 mm /2150x 3300 mm
- flat surface dimensions: 1500x2500 mm /2000x3000 mm
- surface height: 870 mm
- surface structure: anodized aluminium round-edged
- surface thickness: 5 mm aluminium
- surface boring: bicylindric holes 1.4 and 2 mm dia.
- distance between hole centres: 4.5 mm
- hole layout: alternating at 60°
- surface inclination: 80° toward the operator with pneumatic balance
- table structure: coated steel
- weight: 190 Kg. Control unit 35 Kg
- surface heating: by means of resistors incorporated into the Contol unit with computer (optional)
overall power system at 7500W /9500W
- suction: by means of the punched board
- depression system: 1100 W asynchronous engine with high-efficiency fan spinner
- temperature, depression, humidity, engine torque monitoring: by means of electric sensors
- option: data recording, power and control acquired on a computer provided with software
- option: humidification by forced closed circuit evaporation (computer check-control)

- data displayed on the computer: date, number of the work on progress,
environmental temperature and relative humidity, plate temperature
recording in different places; depression, set temperature and depression;
temperature and depression timer (both are activated by the operator).
The system includes a led display - hand-operated, temperature and relative humidity display, plate depression and temperature, hand-adjusted).
- Voltage: 380 volts, three-phase, 50 Hz.
- Electric installation in compliance with the law

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